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Second generation Internet streaming device by Google optimized for high definintion video. Released in October 2015. Model NC2-6A5.

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Why my chromecast overheating and reboot?

My chromecast 2015 start to reboot when it became too hot (it's berely untouchable). When I put a fan direct to the chromecast the problem doesn't show and the chromecast itself was a lot more cooler. There is a definitive solution for this overheating problem?

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When mine over heats i add a ice pack with a towel so that moister won't affect it. Hope it helps and then im able o run it for a longer period of time. still plan on moding this like adding a larger heat sink and a new case for it.

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I would try contacting google first for your options, if nothing hits your fancy there, either buy a new chromecast or open it up and re-paste, note that if it has been on contact with liquid, even near steam, water will have ingressed inside and that's the cause of the overheating. something shorting (even a little) inside on that board will cause havoc and overheating.

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