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Calling from an Echo to another Echo


How do I initiate a call from an Echo dot (living room) to another Encho dot (basement)?

What are the invocation words?

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Here's the trick! Using Alexa as an Intercom. While it's not a true intercom it will likely meet your needs.

What I would like to see is a way for different Echo's to announce who you are looking for (paging) so the person you want would pick up. This would be important in a larger household (3+) otherwise everyone would try to pick up the call (intercom) across all of the Echo's (when you have more than two devices).

So the command would be something like: 'Alexa page Frank' and then the other Echo's would call out 'Frank please pick up' within your Echo hardware domain. Amazon are you listening??

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That's great, thanks!

But again, as you said, it will be better if I can call a specific Echo within the household and the name broadcasted.

Fingers cross that this feature will be available in the future firmware updates.


I was thinking what else the Echo's should do:

- Yes, if each Echo has a room name then paging to that one Echo Vs all Echo's makes sense! 'Alexa page Frank in the living room' where living room is the Echo's assigned location name.

- How about a general page so you can call everyone to dinner (general broadcast). This would be great if you have multiple floors or a garage. 'Alexa page everybody to come to dinner' or 'Alexa page everybody to come to the living room'. Here the location could be any phrase.

- How about Alexa having a means to tell people apart so if you are the "top dog" of the household you could tell Alexa to shut down the TV's or even the Internet of your kids rooms or a given room. 'Alexa turn off the kids TV's for the night' or 'Alexa turn off the kids internet for the night' In this case for the night could be just for dinner or other defined time window.

I'm sure others could add to this list!


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No no no. You just say "Alexa, call"...Whatever you named the echo dot in the app settings, i.e. Living room, John's room, Kitchen.

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How does the person being paged ANSWER the call so a conversation can occur? What do they say?


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Is there a way to turn off my kids calling contacts but still be able to call the echo devices within my home please?

I've had to turn off their devices from communicating as they were calling anyone & everyone all the time & really bugging everyone in my contacts but it won't allow me to leave household drop-in on so we can communicate within our home.

They also can't message anyone at all. The settings should allow you to choose which device can do what & which contact, unfortunately, it's all or nothing unless you know something I don't please?

If anyone has an answer or solution, I'd be grateful.

Thank you.

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