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Tractor (1984 long 360) is not starting.

The tractor won't start. Starter selonoid clicks, the engine turns over once or twice and then the selonoid just keeps clicking and the engine does not turn over.

New starter installed.

Checked power (13.4 volts coming to the starter)

Tried hot wiring the starter (give the S-terminal 12v. Same exact behavior.

Please suggest what to check next.

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1984 Long 360


cayte03 remove your starter but keep it connected. Just remove the battery cable. Once removed replace the battery cables and see if your starter behaves normal. The bendix should engage and the starter should turn over. Let us know what you find. It is a power situation and your starter may just draw to much from the battery. Also, when you boosted your tractor, did you use the "new" battery directly on the starting circuit or did you connect it to the "old" battery?


Oddly enough most people think a 12 v battery should read 12 v but this is not the case. Led batteries are nominal 13.8 v and if even a small charge higher to 14 volts. At 13.4 I would say you have a dead cell and reading your text sort of proves it. A battery shop have a tester that puts a load on a battery to see how the voltage stays or drops under load. They will tell you.

Good luck


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cayte03, Perhaps try a boost of another vehicle to see if this allows the starter to engage. If boosting works the problem will be with the battery or the terminals on the battery loose or corroded. If boosting does not work problem could be loose/corroded/burnt/damage wires/connections, faulty starter. Links below may help in diagnosing your issue, 1st link is 360 Long tractor service manual that has section on trouble shooting starter issue's and other excellent info.. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.



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Already tried using another battery (not sure why I forgot to mention that.)


cayte03, thanks for replying back, still would not hurt to try a boost(while trying to turn over give the starter body a couple whacks with heavy object/hammer) and check through all the wires/cables/switch for starting circuit, also note that I posted the service manual which should help you solve the issue.


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The trouble is the battery. Let me explain. Led acid batteries will show 13,8 or 13.4 when the battery has been sitting. The chemical reaction on the plates still produces voltage because not all of the plate is damaged and will show good voltage because the load of the meter is so small. When the battery is required to be used it must maintain voltage even though it is damaged inside. Your starter will give a try then because of internal damage it can not produce voltage hence a drop in current. This drop will not turn the starter motor and because the voltage is so low it will not even produce enough voltage and current to hold in the solenoid and the buzzing until the battery voltage drops and even the solenoid can not be buzzed.

You have a short or a destroyed pate or plates in your battery. Take a voltage reading at the battery as you try to start until the solenoid buzzes. You will see the voltage drop off to 4 or 5 volts or nothing.

Been at this for 50 years, it is your battery.

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Unfortunately this is not the case :( there is no voltage drop and I have tried jumping it from another battery. I somehow neglected putting this in my original post.


ou left out a lot of things tried,. Use a lead of your jumper cable one end hook to the solenoid battery terminal ,touch the starter terminal, try not to ruin the threads it will spark. Jumper cables at the battery spark could ignite the hydrogen gas and blow up the battery. You are removing the solenoid from the circuit. A good roll over then the solenoid or its ground trouble. You did say the starter turned over on one test. You eliminated the key switch with the jumper from the battery to the solenoid . Trying another battery eliminated the terminal connection at the battery. I will assume you made sure the negative battery terminal is on the engine proper and not to the frame which could be a bad ground.

Yo are doing good with all your troubleshooting. Removing the starter again and trying to run it sitting on the tractor is a bad idea. When it starts it will kick and could injure your self. If you must remove the start motor secure it in place before applying power.


Sometimes tractor will turn over and start first time turning key other times have to turn key several times before tractor turns over. Is my switch bad or solenoid


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I had similar problem with Massey Ferguson 165. Solenoid would click but not engage the starter. You may have to try numerous times before it would engage the starter to turn the engine. The problem is that there is not enough power going through the solenoid to engage starter. The solution is to wire a relay into the starter circuit. It’s not that difficult. It’s an known design problem which appears on older tractors/diesel engines. Here’s a link to it on another forum reply #18.


I bought a generic relay and wired it myself. see link for part on amazon.


Red to power line into starter(30), Black to earth (85), white (86) to ignition switch and blue(87) to original cable on ignition switch to solenoid.

I had spare spade on the power line from the starter on the ignition switch so I wired power from there. The white and blue cables go between ignition switch and existing solenoid cable.

Starter engages first time now without any issues

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I just encountered the same problem. Shut down tractor, tried to start it and nothing at all. We were able to pull it to start it. Put battery in charge and all it did was grunt. Installed a new starter and it all it did was grunt too. Found this post, took a newer battery out of one tractor that we had just installed and put it in the tractor and it started right up! Jumping it did not help at all. We had to remove the old battery and put in another newer battery. This just blew our minds, but Altbell was right! Thank you very much for the info!!


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