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Model A1213 / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity

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After battery replacement, iPod touch no longer detected by Windows

After replacing the battery on the iPod Touch, the iPod powers on and everything appears to be working. However, when plugging it into the Windows computer that the iPod has always synced to before, I get a USB device not recognized error.

I also tried to plug the iPod into other computers but the USB device not recognized error message results on each of these computers as well.

Does anyone have any advice on what to do from here?


@rab777hp: No I haven't tried to plug it into another operating system. I don't have access to a Mac but I could get a Linux machine up and running easily enough. I don't have any experience with Apple products on a Linux machine, so I don't know what results I will get.

@Trey Dollarz: How do I change the device name on the iTouch? I thought it was possible only through iTunes? The other issue is that I cannot even get the computer to recognize it so iTunes can't communicate with it. I tried looking for hidden device drivers in the Device Manager, but can't find anything related to any Apple products.


@rab777hp: Thanks. I'm unable to get my hands on Mac hardware to try from there. I've just plugged it into a Ubuntu LiveCD instance and it didn't do anything at all. Wouldn't even detect, but it started to charge.

I've tried it on multiple Windows PCs now:

Machine #1:

WinXP - iTunes - Synced with iTouch in the past.

Machine #2:

Win7 - iTunes & synced before, but iTunes has since been uninstalled.

Machine #3:

Win XP - never had iTunes or even been near the iTouch before

Machine #4:

Win XP - never had iTunes or even been near the iTouch before

All four machines display the "USB Device Unrecognized" error. At this point, I'm out of options and may just sell the iTouch for parts as the screen and digitizer is excellent and the battery is essentially new.

Thanks for all your help!

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For reference- can you get it into any computer? Across operating systems this would be, try to connect to a mac if you can.


Linux would be a no go, the only form of iTunes available is to port it yourself with wine.


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What you might want to do is reset your iPod Touch and rename your device. Update your firmware as well. Make sure you as using the correct Firmware. And if all else fails, bring to a Apple Store and they might give you a free one if it still under warranty

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Try to restore it in DFU with firmware 3.1.2!

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