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Repair information for the 6th generation iPod nano. Released in September of 2010. Model Number: A1366.

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What adhesive should I use to replace the screen?

Hey guys... I know there's already a question with this topic but it doesn't quite answer my question.

So I've bought a new replacement screen for my iPod nano 6th gen and now I need the proper double tape because the replacement didn't have one. And I don't want to buy the precut tape because for the same amount of money I could buy a whole roll of tape.

Since I have to bind glass to metal and after doing some research I think the proper tape should be the 200MP from 3M, but this one comes in 2 flavors:

467MP = 0.06 mm‎ thickness

468MP = 0.13 mm‎ thickness

Now which one is better? I can get any of these from ebay with free shipping.

And I see there's the Tesa 61395 on the iFixit store but the shipping costs more than the product itself.

Any help would be awesome!

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@dpcdpc11 If you're only purchasing one i would recommend the thinner of the 2. Can't go wrong with 3M, it holds well and you can always do more than one row for thicker areas. Good luck!

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Thanks for the help Alex! I'll get the thinner one then. Is it a good idea to overlay more than one row of tape?

One more question... I've found at a local store some 3M 300LSE tape. From the 3M website I see this is used for low surface energy products but I have to deal with glass and metal here. Would this 3M 300LSE still work in this case? Any thoughts?


@dpcdpc11, no problem at all! Was referring to a situation where you'd possibly use it side by side, on different devices. The replacement may come with adhesive. As long as you replace any Heat resistant strips, if there are any in the Nano, you shouldn't have any issues due to surface energy, as the battery is so small any heat generated shouldn't cause an issue. Most important, make sure your frame is free of any left over adhesive/debris as this can cause an issue with the screen not adhering.


Thanks again for the info Alex!

I've decided to buy the 3M 300LSE tape I found at the local store. Not sure if it's authentic since it smell a lot like bubble gum and I've read somewhere that this is how fake 3M tape smells like.

So after cleaning off both surfaces with alcohol and got rid of the original tape, I've applied the new 3M tape and so far so good! I don't see any signs of failing yet but I'll wait for the upcoming hotter days to test it out in the sun and see how it handles heat. Speaking about heat, the Nano usually get a little hotter only when charging.

If the current tape fails I'll try buying the 3M 200MP 467MP which should work better, at least in theory!

Have a great Sunday,



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