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The 2013 edition of the Kindle Fire HD 7" tablet by Amazon. A budget edition of the new Kindle line, with a lower screen resolution than the HDX, and lacking the 2012's camera. Released October 2, 2013.

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LCD not working after digitizer replacement

I changed the cracked digitizer on a kindle fire hd. Afterwards it won't "power on". I checked with multimeter and it's getting power to the battery. I plugged it into a desktop and the desktop recognized that the device was plugged in. When I press the power button the screen stays blank. I've checked the connections and the LCD is plugged into the mother board. Any other ideas?

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you probs damaged a connector, take it a part carefully and look for damages on any connector.

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I'll do that. As best I can tell that didn't occur, but it definitely is a possibility! I'll let you know what I find.


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