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I think I need everything fixing.


My mum has broken my laptop and there's visible damage on the edge near the keyboard where it's coming apart. When I turn it on it goes to this blue screen, not sure what it is but it doesn't turn on anymore. Prior to this it used to over heat I've had it since September 2015. I also have expensive software on it and some old work from my degree and was wondering if it gets fixed will it be wiped? Also, can you give me a quote?

Thank you,


Update (06/29/2017)

The laptop is not Acer Aspire V5-571.

It's a Acer Aspire F5-571 i5 "15.6

Not sure why it's showing something different.

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You'd charge 55 dollars to move data off a hard drive? Is that like 200 dollars an hour to take the drive out? Then twice as much more to watch a loading bar?!


as stated below, you could take the laptop to his shop for data recovery but my question is what version of windows are you running, if its windows 10 you can just put the hard drive in another windows 10 computer and be good as new.


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There's usually there's a code that is displayed along side a blue screen, THEY_LOOK_LIKE_THIS. If you an take a note of that and let us know we might be able to help with a repair.

If you remove the HDD and buy a sata to usb cable you won't need to pay someone to recover the data.

As for the laptop, I'd let it go, get a new one.

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