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It was a six-wheeled tank with a front-mounted blue photon beam headlamp, and a keypad on top.

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Elicits unending tone when GO is pressed

I used fresh batteries on a Big Trak, early 1980's model, which had not been used in more than two decades. After I program Big Trak, I press GO and all it does is elicit an unending, loud tone. I presume it is "stuck" somewhere. Who can repair this vehicle, if it is worthwhile or possible to repair?

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Did you check to be sure the 9-volt is at 9 volts. Mine was at 8 and it was doing that exact thing. I am doing a once over before I put it up on e-bay, Mine is gray though. And I have the transport too.


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sounds like the motors are stalled.

I would work the drive wheels back and forth by hand and see if that frees it up. Also make sure ALL the batteries are fresh. These are real battery hogs.

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