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Mysterious setting reset and hotspot problem

Hey everyone!

Hopefully you can help me with a little problem:

My Huawei P9 fell. Now, no device can connect to its hotspot - two laptops and a phone say "Connection not possible", another phone falsely claimed "Invalid password entered" (and when i removed the password from the hotspot the error message switched to "Connection not possible" as well). The day before the fall hotspots were working just fine.

Also, each time I restarted the phone some settings were mysteriously reset. First I see a pop-up message reading "Some applications require data connection. We recommend hiring a data plan." - even though my provider is being recognized and I have working mobile data. Then, after every restart the 24-h-clock format, the percentage display of the battery, the auto-rotate and a lock-screen setting are reset to default. One time, I changed the SSID of the hotspot and after the reset it was just changed back to default.

After I took out the SIM, I tested if the settings reset happens without SIM. It did not. After that it did not occur again with inserted SIM card, neither. However, the "You should get a data plan" pop-up still happens and the hotspot still doesn't work.

How can I fix this problem, or more specifically, make the hotspot work again? I have tried a bit with different APNs, but to no avail. I also did a network setting reset.

I am not even sure if the issue has to do with software or hardware.

Any help is very much appreciated, thank you! :)

Kind regards

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Good question, if this is solved, please @me,Thank you


Same problem I am having...ny solution please fwd


have the same problem


My P9 is behaving the same. Solution??????/


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First thing I will recommend is reseting the phone to factory default.

Is any part of the phone broken? perhaps the part with the wifi network antenna. If this is the case, You will need the help of a technician. Get more help here DEVICETECK

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I considered factory reset, but I am holding back until I haven't exhausted other possibilities - also, because I won't be able to save my data for the next two weeks.

The screen is quite broken, for a while already. Also, the power button was a bit wobbly at times from an earlier fall - so there might be some internal damage. I should stress however that there has been no visible outside damage from this current fall. I suspected the network antenna - but I can use Wifi and mobile data seemingly without issues, so can the network antenna be the cause if only tethering/hotspots are affected?

Thank you for your answer!


Mobile phones usually have three network antennas. The GSM, the Bluetooth and the Wifi. I think the wifi network is affected. Wifi might still work on your device but hotspot may not. Try the reseting first. Hopefully you problem may be solvd.


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Good day. Hope this will help.

No damege to my phone. All I did was restart the phone and my Wifi hotspot stoped working.

With the restart is messed up some settings.

Made a backup to sd card and reset the phone back to factory settings.

Did the restore from backup and checed hotspot, reset my password and its working fine.

Huawei P9

Hope this helps

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is there any other fix than factory reset?

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