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This 2012 K410 model of the Lenovo K Series desktop features a three speed power control switch and a 3rd generation Intel Core processor. Its high preformance graphics capabilities make it an excellent choice for gaming.

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CPU Upgrade from i3-2120 to i7-3770?

Regards, I need to consult on an Ideacentre K410 desktop model: MTM-11681CU. This model has the factory preinstalled Windows 7 Home and brings the i3-2120 Dual Core 3.3Ghz processor which I understand is Sandy Bridge microarchitecture.

The query is about updating the maximum CPU that my machine can support and is compatible. According to the hardware manual of my PC says that this model can carry two types of processors: the one I have is i3-2120 and the i5-2320 which is Quad core but is 3.0 Ghz. In the same manual later is the same machine, the K410 but that brings pre-installed windows 8. This brings different processors than the one I have, but I am interested if the i7-3770 that brings as an option this last machine would work to which I have. Looking for information and found that the one I have is Sandy Bridge as I mentioned earlier and the CPU i7-3770 is Ivy Bridge. Check the manufacturer and there is no BIOS update. My question is this i7-3770 processor would work on my pc that comes from the factory the i3-2120 that is Sandy? I would like to upgrade the CPU from my pc to the Max that I can support, but I will have to settle for the i5-2320 ...

Thanks for your help.


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What is your chipset type ?

If you have a Intel H61 Express chipset you may use the i7-3770 with it;

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Hi Warlier and thanks for your response. I think that this is my board



I'm sure that is H61, but H61... is the same H61 Express??? How I know if is H61 Express?? Thanks!


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