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The Dell Inspiron 1100 was a low-cost consumer laptop released in 2003.

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Unable to plug in ac adapter

The replacement adapter cord fitting will not go into the ac receptical on laptop

The end of the adapter cord, which plugs into ac input slot is configured differently than the slot fitting.

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Laptop power supplies can vary in voltage and current rating, along with barrel jack diameter. Some don't even use standard barrel jacks. Dell and HP have stuck with a 7mm dc jack for laptops with dell choosing 19.5v and hp 18.5v. Some older IBM laptop power supplies have a 5mm jack and run at 16v. Newer lenovo power supplies run at 20v.

Make sure to use the appropriate power supply for your laptop with the correct operating voltage and current rating. Most laptop supplies are rated at 45watts, 65w or 90w. P=IV. P=power, I=current, V=voltage. so for a 90w power supply for your dell laptop: 90=19.5*x, x=4.62amps.

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Robert Meloche not sure where you got a "replacement adapter cord" from but if it does not fit it is most likely because it is not meant for your model. Unless we know what adapter you have we cannot even comment on any pinout etc, The Dell Inspiron 1100 uses a PA-9 power supply so something like this or this one should work.

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