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Reparatur und Unterstützung für den zur PS3 gehörenden Kontroller. Er kam 2008 heraus, besitzt einen Lithium-Ionen Akku und eine Sechsachsensteuerung. Der Kontroller (CECHZC2) ist leicht zu reparieren.

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Where can I buy spare screws?

I lost some of the screws of the DS3. Where can I buy new ones?

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this is a dead link... i've already tried it


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According to our guides, the DualShock 3 controller uses 7.2mm Phillips #00 screws to secure the rear cover to the controller. Looks like you can get them here. Good luck!

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This is a dead link. PLEASE repost it, as I'm having this issue as well


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To be compleatly honest with you I have a bin full of random screws and parts from mostly American flyer s gauge, old train parts, and I take a lot of electronics apart. I'm from the 90s / im 35 and I just eye the size of the screws the size in 3 ways how long, the tip comes to a point?, and how much fatter is it from the the original screw and if it looks like it matches those rules your probably very good . And even if u do go a little bigger the worse that could happen it itll tear down the plastic beam the joints the two parts but not all it'll save just enough to hold as good as the original! NO LiE I REPAIR ps1,2,3 and ps4 controllers constantly on a daily basis!

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