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Von Huawei produziertes Android Smartphone, herausgekommen im Oktober 2014.

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huawei mate 7 stuck on logo after lcd replacement and red light flash

I have a Huawei mate 7 wich needed a new lcd. I did the dissasembly the whole phone to replace the lcd. It seemed that everything went ok, but when i cloed the phone and tried to power on it did not turn on, I put it in charge but the red light began to flicker and it shows me the red battery sign. I tried to unplug the battery and plug directly to the charger, the red light flashes again and the phone boots up but restarts intermittently and as soon as i plug the battery it again shows me the red battery sign.

I really do not know what to do.

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yes, I ordered a new battery and then it worked . I think that the original battery was damaged during the lcd assebley


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