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Das iPhone 6 mit dem 4,7 Zoll Display ist die kleinere Version des iPhone 6 Plus und kam am 19. September 2014 auf dem Markt. Es hat die Modelnnummern A1549, A1586 und A1589.

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No life after screen replacement

So we fix around 50 iPhones a week and for the first time one died on us. We fitted the screen, passed back to the customer and was fine, after an hour they brought it back without any life at all. We have the customer a loan phone while we look to sort the issue.

I've done all the standard diagnosis tests, screen, battery, charge port, backlight but absolutely nothing. There is no heat going to the board at all and is totally non responsive.

It wasn't bent or beat up, just a simple crack in the screen.

We are just training on board level repair but not enough to say where the issue lies, at the moment it's simple backlight repairs. Can anyone point us in the right direction for diagnosing a possible cause.


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Then this will be your big chance ;>)...

Because you have already ruled out all of the modular components but don't really have any other leads, I like to recommend that you start at the beginning. Do you have access to a USB Ammeter? This will allow you to see if the phone is drawing any current.

Always start with the main voltage rails...PP_BATT_VCC & PP_VCC_MAIN. Check to see if they are shorted first (with battery disconnected) and then check the voltages under power. If those look good, move onto the PMIC (U1202) and start testing the voltage rails it produces. You should also do a thorough visual inspection to see of anything is obviously wrong.

So start probing and then report back with your findings so that I can give you more detailed suggestions.

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