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The DeWalt DW936 is an electric hand saw released in October of 2012. This model is cordless, and contains a trim saw blade intended for cutting through thinner materials.

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How to change brushes

i have just brought a dewalt dw935 saw and have been told brushes need changing can anyone tell me how to do this

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Thats where you can get the parts. As for how to replace the brushes, it looks like you probably need to take the entire thing apart.

But thats a little strange, normally something thats not very old doesnt need its brushes replaced. I find things that are around 15-20+ years and have been used alot need the brushes replaced. It sounds like there might be some other issue.

But they are cheap and it wont hurt to replace them anyways.

DeWalt DW936 Repair

You can follow those guide on how to get it apart.

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