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Repair guides and support for the eighth generation of Ford F-Series trucks: the F-150, F-250, F-350, and F-Super Duty.

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Why does my battery spark when I connect the cables

When I try to start my truck everything comes on but it just clicks, I thought it was my starter so I dropped it and put it back on exactly the way I took it off, when I tried to reconnect the positve terminal I got a spark ...I did the same process with the negative terminal and got the sane result , now Im unable to connect my battery ....someone please give me legitimate advice thank you

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Same problem except that the cable to the alternator started to smoke too with the spark on battery whats going on?


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@drk_u4ria when you "dropped you starter" did you verify that it worked? If you did not have those sparks before, it is possible that you crossed the starter wires somewhere. Watch the positive cable going to the starter and make sure that it does not touch the case or the engine block. It is also possible that you have a short in the solenoid or the starter itself.

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How can i connect inverter to two batteries without sparking


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