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EchoDot Not seeing Bluetooth Devices

My EchoDot has stopped seeing and connecting to my Bluetooth speaker or to my Bluetooth earphones.

Both the speaker and earphones are seen in the ALEXA app on my iPhone.

The problem started shortly after I had added the new earphones. The earphones work OK with my iPhone (play music, etc.). I do not try to join both devices at the same time. Bill D.

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My echo dot 4 cannot find bluetooth speakers since… yesterday????[br]

I had some Logitech bluetooth speakers working fine until yesterday’s night. Now I cannot pair again.


im having same problem. Ive tried setting up the alexa on my phone again but it wont show my phone as a device to pair with on bluetooth.


Same here, I got a new phone and Alexa couldn’t play radio, music or find the previously connected speaker. Have cleared all settings and connections, re-installed the app, uninstalled the app from previous phone. Everything is now working apart from connecting to the speaker. Baffled!


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If echo dot stopped and unable to seeing Bluetooth speaker then see following what to do:

- Open your Alexa App on which device you are using.

- Hit Settings.

- Tap on your Echo device, Select Bluetooth and Clear all paired devices.

- Re-pair the devices, say "Pair "commands around Alexa to place the Echo in discovery mode.

- Next, head to the Bluetooth settings on your device or app in order to pair, as normal.

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Alexa can't find any bluetooth speakers when i want to add new devices. She can only find them when I want to add them to the Alexa Echo. But then I can't add individual devices to different groups/rooms. They are all in the same room and all under Echo Dot.


didnt fix it didnt fix it didnt fix


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