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Der Game Boy kam am 21. April 1989 in Japan auf den Markt, dann am 31. Juli 1989 in Nordamerika und schließlich am 28. September 1990 in Europa. Er ist erkennbar an einem großen grauen Gehäuse und der Modellnummer DMG-01

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When I turn it on, the Nintendo logo is a black bar, can this be fixed

So I don't have any games for it, but I've been wanting to sell this game boy and I was wondering if there were a way to fix it. When I put batteries in it, and turn it on a black bar falls from the top of the screen (I'm assuming it says gameboy, or Nintendo.) Also the battery light is red. I'm not sure if that's good or not, but I'm just wondering if you could help me. Thank you for your time!!

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The black bar appears when you turn it on with no cartridge inside. Try it with a game, you can tell any of your friends, make sure anybody will have a game lying around their bedroom inside a drawer. The battery light, don't worry, is to tell you it's on. You can have a blank screen because a game glitch as if it were turn off and you run out of batteries in no time. When the batteries are dead, the light is off, just doesn't turn on (a little trick is, if starts to flick the light, it's time to buy another pack of AA batts. The speaker drains the battery like !&&* too.)

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I know I'm most likely way too late to give an answer that will help you, but I'll answer anyways to help others that may have a similar question. This is 100% normal. The Nintendo logo that is displayed is stored on the cartridge, and the Game Boy checks if that matches the one it has. If the data it receives doesn't match (or no data is received, as with your case), the game won't play. This was the Game Boy's bootleg protection, because if an unlicensed game displayed the Nintendo logo, they would be prosecuted for copyright infringement. Again, this is a normal and intended function.

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Also, note that the batteries needed to just turn the GB on are real expensive. I had to buy lithium ones to make it work, normal ones didn’t work for me. make sure you got good batteries, just a heads up:)

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they just need to be 1.5V each (6V total) like the writing on the gameboy says.

you were probably using 1V batteries which are usually used for flashlights and tv remotes. (or just drained batteries)


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Your gameboy is working, this issue only happens when the gameboy doesnt read a game. this is only concerning if you have games that you know work dont. i have a gameboy and i am in a very same issue since i do not own any games. dont fret it will be fine

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