I took apart my 3t and accidentally cut something

Hey, so i've had my 3t for a while. in fact, I got it during the midnight black sale, so the phone means a lot to me. recently I went to Colorado and hiked Pikes Peak. my phone fell out of my pocket and when I picked it up everything still worked on it besides the screens digitizer. I went home a few days later and ordered a replacement screen from a shady website and it showed up ( about a month later ). so I was preforming the operation to recover my phone until I reached the battery. I was scared to bend my battery in half so i took some tweezers and removed the adhesive from under the battery, little did i know that i had cut a small strip/cable that went underneath the charger port.

So my question is: can someone please point to a store that i can buy all the little strips and cable that are located inside my device?

i don't know the name of the cable so I'm willing to buy all that i suspect that i need.

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Take a photo of it and post it it on here. Use Imgur to upload the image then copy and paste the image link to here.



Ben, this is the cable that was separated. Do you understand the onplus 3/3t? i understand that they're identical to a point.


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