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HP Envy TouchSmart 15, model 15t - j000. Release year 2013.

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wont boot except with (windows key, v, and power button)

i have a newer HP ENVY, still under warranty and the company is being less than useful at addressing my problem

the computer got a screen crack when opening on the 1st week of having it. im guessing it got damaged in shipping and i hadnt noticed because i was not deeply inspecting anything. but im a tiny girl and opening a laptop shouldnt crack the screen that much.

anyway this is now the second problem to have cropped up and im making sure its not a result of the first problem. i disabled the touchscreen driver at request of hp so my screen didnt keep flickering and thinking the mouse was clicking everywhere because of the crack.

after about a month of use like this with no issues, my laptop now wont boot occassionally. it'll have a charged battery or be plugged in (the led indicator is on) but the power button will essentially do nothing. ive ran through some troubleshooting with HP cause i thought it might be the battery since they had some battery recalls. however supposedly they checked that once we finally got the computer to boot.

the only way i can get it to come on is by holding the windows key, v, and the power button. then it will slowly come on with a checksum cmos 502 error. but then it'll boot like normal and work perfectly fine until it goes into sleep mode or powers down and then 90% of the time i'll have to repeat this.

any help would be appreciated

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Send it back, accept no other solutions from them!

Say you wish to RMA (return merchandise authorization).

Say it was damaged in shipping and that the support have been less than helpful and that problems are getting worse, say that's it's unacceptable and your really disappointed by how your being treated by support who are gave you a quick fix for the screen that didn't address the actual damage done to the laptop.

Do not attempt to repair the PC yourself as HP may try to claim this removes warranty.

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