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Modelle A1181 / 1,83, 2, 2,1, 2,16, 2,2, or 2,4 GHz Core 2 Duo Prozessor

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Won't power on - at all. What to do/replace?

School computer for student use was brought to me with complaint: running on battery-only, unexpectedly powered down. I charged with known-good outlet and power adapter for over 24 hrs. At first the magsafe light would alternate green-orange, later only a VERY dim green glow. Pressing the power button has no noticeable effect - no noise or light. I've reset the SMC numerous times; swapped the RAM around; tried with and without battery.

Condition: magsafe port is clean; some damage to the case - probably voiding Applecare - topcase is raised somewhat near IR receiver, bottom case has hairline crack near join of topcase to left of trackpad (damage appears old); power button is SLIGHTLY depressed (but has satisfying click feel when pressed).

From reading here, I'm guessing it may be the mag safe board or topcase - but I don't know which is more likely, or maybe something else.


BTW, this site is awesome!

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I replaced the MagSafe board and it's now working! Thank you.


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I'd go for a new MagSafe Board, as it doesn't work, even when plugged in and battery removed.

See here:

MacBook MagSafe DC-In Board



MacBook MagSafe DC-In Board Bild


MacBook MagSafe DC-In Board


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Thank you. I've ordered the DC-In board.


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Swap in a new battery and try that, if not, I'd think the mag safe board.

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