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The Nikon D7000 is a 16.2 megapixel DSLR launched in 2010.

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Help with bayonet d7000 Nikon

I need a picture or help putting the bayonet silver ring and the correct orientation of the ring that is under the bayonet . It is held on with a few small screws.

If I dont get the inner ring on correctly I believe the pins will short out.

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Honey take a look on here and see if that makes sense. Hope the part you are looking for is one of them ;-)

Block Image

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Wow oldturkey3, that was quick. Yes it is the two rings at the bottom of the drawing I am concerned with (ik240 and the ik404)

Now that I know how they go together ( I assume they go on as shown in the photo)

I just have to figure out how to repair the stripped screw holes without buying the plastic camera body..

Picture a 1000mm lens attached and someone running by and clipping the lens at a civil war reinactment. The lens pulled from the body and the 5 little screws still had the plastic threads attached.

I just feel sick about it. It was my only joy left.

Thanks a bunch.



Darn that sounds like quite the insult to your camera. Yes, the parts go together as shown. I'd try some liquid plastic in the wore out holes and re-tap the threads once dried.


Thanks for the tip. So just fill holes with liquid plastic, drill out and use the screws to retap? I have taps but none I have seen that small


That's the way I'd proceed. Definitely slow and gently but nothing to lose. Just thougt of something. Do you have a set or vernier calipers? Check the diameter of the screw. Nikon uses metric screws, maybe a standard screw just slightly bigger could be found.

Not sure where you reside but watchmakers habitually have very small tap and die sets.....


Not many watchmakers around anymore. Had a friend go for his cert years back, but now he sends all his out. It costs too nuch to do it himself.

The screw thing might not be enough. Don't forget, the trama ripped the threads out. Maybe I could try coating the inside walls of the holes with the type of liquid plastic that cures with uv light. Then try cutting new threads..


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