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Laptop manufactured by Asus, running on Google Chromebook OS. Released June of 2014.

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not able to get into my chromebook due to the screen saying its repain

cant acess anything on the chromebook at all the screen just says its repairing itself for 3 days now what is wrong and how do i fix it

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The Windows repair is supposed to fix problems with the operating system starting up, most of the time it is successful. In your case, that it has not fixed the problem indicates that the hard drive may be defective or the boot files/partition are corrupted. If you have a recovery Disk or USB, you should try to load that because the recovery partition on your hard drive may also be corrupted. The recovery disk/USB should also have some diagnostic tools that can check your hard drive. Another tool that is helpful is Bart's Ultimate Boot, it contains several hardware and software tools that can check for lost partitions and attempt to recover data. The worst case scenario is that the data is unrecoverable and you will have to install Windows on your laptop.

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