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Samsungs Flaggschiff-Smartphone, das Galaxy S8. Erschienen im April 2017.

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phone will not come on, shows triangle and will not charge x2

Sooo I have and S8 and S8+ doing screen repair on both. Now the phones will not come on, they only show triangle's and will not charge. I know this was an issue with the thermostat on S4's many years ago and had to change the charge port. I am not sure what needs to be done to fix this issue. I have a new cable and charge port on order but was not for sure if any one else has had this issue.

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Did you completely reassemble the phone before trying to charge and power it on? With previous Galaxy S series phone generations I can and often do test the phones before reassembling the midframe. But I found that with the S8 and probably likewise with the S8+ that you need to fully assemble the phone first. On one of my first S8 repairs I found that without the midframe on I got an error that looked to be like the battery thermostat triangle error experienced in previous models. But when I put the midframe on, the problem was resolved. Apparently, some contacts must be made to complete a circuit. Hopefully, that is all that you are experiencing in your situation.

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Thank you that was it!


Thank you. I solve my problem! If you do not make contact, my terminal did not turn on or charge. After putting the screws and the midframe, it reloaded and started correctly.


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I had the same issues. I realize it was because of the plastic covering when you open the back panel.

open the back up you’ll see the plastic covering. (which is outline in the red)

Block Image

once you flip it to the side you’ll see these connectors like below. (yellow outlines)

Block Image

If these aren’t making contact, you’ll get the overheating on the screen, and cant charge your phone.

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Thank you. I solve my problem!


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