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The Golf Mk5 was introduced in Europe in the autumn of 2003, reaching the UK market in early 2004. In North America, Volkswagen brought back the Rabbit nameplate when it introduced the vehicle in 2006.

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engen having hard start when hot

am driving a golf 5 gtx sometimes its just cuts off while driving or when its hot it cranks then i remove the fuel supply nd crank it after some few minutes i put back the fuel supplier pipe then crank while blocking the intake air cleaner horse then thats when it starts

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What 'fuel supplier pipe' do you mean? If you're cranking it with the fuel lines disconnected they should be spouting fuel out. If not then I'd be checking your fuel pump, fuel filter or relay.


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I got the same problem but i found a different solution.

After long investigation i discovered that the problem is in the starter or, in other words how the starter works together with the engine ecu.

During cold cranking the engine ecu accepts a range of rpm much wider in order to start to inject fuel and revving the engine than in hot phase.

As a result, in case the car is not so new, the starter can't reach the range of rpm that the engine ecu consider acceptable to start to inject fuel.

To short the story you have 2 options:

- to change the battery to am ore powerful one (this is what I've done, removing the battery box in the engine compartment in order to fit a bigger one ).

- to change the starter with new one (which costs you a lot more than a battery).

Anyway, this was my personal experience, I don't know in advance if this can solve your problem but for sure a rpm range analysis inside the engine ecu is perfomed.

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I got the same problem. I changed the battery but it didn’t fix the issue.

So i had to change the starter and now, the engine starts normally.

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