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"The worlds smallest 15.6-inch laptop packs powerhouse performance and a stunning InfinityEdge display all in Dell's most powerful XPS laptop."

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How disassembly LCD Screen and replace it?

I need to replace my LCD Screen, i'd like to buy one on ebay, but it isn't assembled version (if anybody knows where to buy an assembled version for xps 15 9560 FHD , don't be shy and tell me where i can find one xD ) ... anyway i need to know if anybody know how to disassembly lcd and replace it

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@robin994 you can download the service manual from here. It will show you how to replace the assembly. A complete assembly is definitely not cheap. Check this out.

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Yeah , i opt for an assembly one (FHD version it's a bit cheaper). Just replace the LCD is too risky.


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