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Das Huawei P8 Lite (Modell: ALE-L21) angekündigt im April 2015, verbindet Schönheit mit Schlichtheit. Seine professionellen Kameras ermöglichen es dir, selbst in der düstersten Umgebung natürliche und scharfe Fotos zu machen. Der Beauty Modus hebt die schönsten Seiten des Eigentümers in jedem Selfie hervor.

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Accidentally drop my mobile phone in Olive Oil


I accidentally dropped my Huawei P8 Lite in Olive Oil and dipped in it over night...

help me if i can get it clear without opening it .

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Thnx..., this will help


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@xby229 no you cannot. You will have to disassemble it. Treat it just like you would treat any other liquid immersed phone. In general the first step is to stop continuing to try to charge, sync or otherwise use your phone. This potentially can make a bad situation worse.

After that you will have to disassemble your phone. Use this teardown Huawei P8 Lite Teardown to help you with that. Take a careful and close look at all components and connectors. Truly assess the damage. Look for major corrosion, evaluate the pins in the connectors etc,. Take a look at all connectors as well as cable ends. You must remove all the EMI shields to properly clean this board. Once you got the gross contamination cleaned, use 90%+ isopropyl alcohol and clean your parts some more since you are dealing with oil, it will take quite a bit to clean. For a proper cleaning, use this guide. It was written for a Apple iPhone 3G but it is still pertinent to your phone as well. I can not stress the importance of a good cleaning enough, so do it over and over while replacing the alcohol after each cleaning. Do not use compressed air for the cleaning since that can drive liquid as well as corrosion particles into areas that will cause trouble later on. Do not use drinking water, if you need to use water, use sterile water. Also, you do not need to leave it to dry for a day. Isopropyl alcohol in the higher concentration will evaporate quickly and dissipate the water. The importance here is the cleaning. The best way would of course be to get it professionally cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner. Do not forget to replace the battery. This is a must and not an option. It will fail if you do not take care of it now. Then reassemble your phone and evaluate for any damage.

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You don’t need to open it or anything

I dropped my phone today in cooking oil and the speakers had a terrible voice. So what I did is I tried to remove oil using vinegar and perfume but instead it made the iPhone have no sound. So there was a piece of rice stuck from my attempt to sock it in rice so I kept on hitting the phone with my hand to get it out and magically the speakers became way way better than before and the microphone was working!

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I accidentally dip my phone in a cooking oil now my speaker is very low

Av tried drying it wit sun


i dropped my phone in cooking oil today and the mic and the camera is okay but my problem is with the ear piece speaker because my not 9 has a dual speaker system and the ear piece has a low volume and has some sort of ring to it when it comes to a high voice or a high pitched sound through the phone , do i have to disassemble it or is there another way without opening the phone . i tried using a blowdryer to heat up the oil and let it out of the ear piece by banging the phone but that made little differnce


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