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Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processor T5750 2.0 GHz

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Lcd cable or inverter?


I have had a issue with my gateway laptop where the screen has about 4 green vertical lines and one red vertical line about 1mm thick all in the same spot on the screen they are always there . But when I flex the screen outwards slightly they go away. On boot up they take a few seconds to completely show they seem to almost fade in when the screen turns on or the machine boots. My question is would this be a problem with the screen inverter or the lcd cable?

Thanks a ton


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Brandon replace the inverter first as all that need be done is remove the basal and you have access if that brings no joy then open the rest of the laptop and replace the cable . if that brings no joy an new display may be in order . before that you may want to check out the mother board and look for burn spots resistors ,capacitors and such , shorts on the board can cause static white noise on the screen which displays as lines . However when you say you can move the screen and it effects the lines then my first thought was bad cable . Hope this helps

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