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Wifi/Bluetooth/GPS are Performing Subpar - iPhone 6

Hi iFixit,

A couple of months ago, my iPhone 6's wifi, Bluetooth, and GPS took a turn for the downside after a year of working perfectly fine. I'll detail the problems with each aspect of the phone below.

Wifi - My wifi router is high speed, but my speed and the distance are severely hindered. When I am within 15 feet of the router, I typically get 3-2 bars, but when I head over to my room, which is in the rear of my house, I go down to one bar. The moment I open an application, my wifi signal drops and it goes over to LTE. I've brought other people's iPhone 6's to the same very location, and they get 3-2 bars, while I have no signal whatsoever.

Bluetooth - I can only stay connected to a Bluetooth speaker if my phone is within a few feet of it.

GPS - My GPS location on Google Maps is always a couple hundred feet off.

I've done my research, and this and this seem to be most relevant to my problems. I am not sure if they will completely solve my problems though, and I am unsure if I should replace one of the parts or both. I'd highly value any input from you guys, as I am burning through data due to my poor wifi connectivity and I cannot navigate as easily due to my GPS signal being displaced.

Thanks, Upuu

iPhone 6 Logic Board Antenna Flex Cable Bild


iPhone 6 Logic Board Antenna Flex Cable


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iPhone 6 Top Left Antenna


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Yes , I have seen and fixed this exact problem you have described several times by replacing both those parts, i cant think of a instance where it has not completely fixed the problem.

Make sure you follow the guide correctly. keep track of which skews go where, you only need to watch the iPhone 6 Logic Board Antenna Flex Cable guide to fix both. take your time.

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Thanks for the reply! Do you think I. We'd both, or could one of the individual parts causing the problem? I know you sdon't heated that I replaced both but I just want to verify.


Don't mind my spelling errors, autocorrect is to blame.


its probably just one of the individual parts thats failed, but we would just replace both as it saves a lot of time if you only replace one and it turns out to be the other and the parts are cheap


I’ve replaced both parts with no effect. WiFi still only sees and connects to 5GHz networks, Bluetooth only works within 1-2 feet of the receiver.


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