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he second generation Audi A6 was introduced by the German manufacturer in 1997. The first novelty about this model was the all-new Volkswagen Group C5 platform, featuring a completely revised design and newly-developed suspension. Then there was the new optional 5-speed tiptronic automatic transmission.

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HELP: why are my breaks not working?!

I have an Audi a6, year 2000. My breaks were locking up every now and then and my break pedal was super tight. I did some research and found that i had to replace my abs sensors. I did that and now my breaks are acting the total opposite. My break pedal goes all the way to the floor and it is hard to stop my car. I tried to bleed the breaks but only two of them actually bleed.

could this be a blockage issue?

if so i feel like the blockage would cause my breaks to be hard such as too much pressure...

could it maybe be the master cylinders?

or did i just mess up my abs somehow?

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Did you replace your wheel speed sensors or your ABS module?

Speed sensors are in no way related to the hydraulics of your brakes. If you replaced your ABS module/hydraulic unit then the brakes will need to be bled through.

Are you unable to open the other two bleeders or does no fluid come out? It's possible that the bleed hole is plugged up of the rubber caps were missing.


I have same problema, from no whear my barake just broke. I already have change abs modulator, esp control module and check al wire, fuse and relay. But then start bleeding my rear left and front right wheel no bleed


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bleed all of the brakes. you should be able to do that without any problem.

but if the pedal goes to the floor… it looks like the system has air in it. check the brake booster, the master cylinder, etc…

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