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Eine TV Spielkonsole von Sony Entertainment, auch bekannt als PS4. Sie wurde am 20. Februar 2013 angekündigt und kam am 15. November 2013 auf den Markt.

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It doesn't recognize my disk

I spilled water and eventually reached my PlayStation and only the bottom of it got wet. I dried it, but when I tried to play the game that was already in there it was saying " insert disk in order to start this game" so I took the game out, cleaned it and put it back in. Now it says " Unrecognized Disk. " When ever I put the disk in there it spins , stops, makes a clicking noise, then spins again till finally it tells me it doesn't recognize my disk. I've read solutions saying to clean my opticle drive PBC but I don't kno how to do that , I'm scared if I tried I would mess up something , please help

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It sounds like you probably need to replace your optical drive. Here is a link to a guide telling you how you can do it. All the tools you need can also be found in the guide along with links to where to buy them. Good luck!

Playstation 4 Optisches Laufwerk ersetzen

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Replacing your disk drive won't be too difficult if you follow along with a guide, just remember not to be scared of taking it apart! You should still be careful, but don't let fear of breaking it stop you from fixing it, I'm sure you can do it. The guide has been posted already, but you may need to check which PS4 you have and which disk drives are compatible with it. Here are a few:

PlayStation 4 Optical Drive (currently out of stock)



PlayStation 4 Optical Drive Bild


PlayStation 4 Optical Drive


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