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Der Nintendo DS Lite kam 2006 als Nachfolger des Nintendo DS auf den Markt. Er ist leicht zu öffnen und leicht zu reparieren.

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Replace DS Lite CPU

What tools do you need for replacing the CPU on a DS Lite, and wich ways can be used to pry off the CPU ? I'v got 3 motherboards with (blackscreen) bootup seems their CPU aint good. I'v opened them by desoldering the 4 slot1 contacts and bend it up a little. After pushing it hard back into place 1 board began to works again.

For the other 2 i can't say this. Maybe the CPU is toasted ? I cant get them to work (yet)

Please Advice! wich ways is the best for repairing the CPU and what tools do you need?


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Hi dbnijmegen, sometimes it is good to have a schematics of the board, and check if there is voltage supplying to the CPU.

e.g. certain power management chip, etc.

the cpu i believe is a BGA, which replacement can be difficult without proper tools and skills.

you need a rework station, e.g. hot air, bga rework station infrared to remove it.

and resoldering ... those bga balls need to be in place.

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Hello Augustine, Thanks for your reply. By testing out all problems i figured out it must be a bad CPU Since i got 1 back to work. i figure, would there be a way without this station. ex. by a heatblower ? one cpu only needed a little more pressure on it. i think the same problem is for the 2 other motherboards, but i cant get them to work by supply some extra pressure to it.

So either 1, i need to find another possible way to make sure the cpu is attached proper.

or 2: i need to replace whole CPU cause its toasted. (i guess, no experience YET!)

Where can u buy this station, what does i costs, and also i need something to pull it off and put it back on it ? How you soldier it back on ? also with the BGA station?

Thanks! Dennis


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