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DVD drive has been corrupted and no longer works

I just purchased this Gateway dx series desk top computer and was downloading information disk for my printer and external hard drives . Everything was going great until I downloaded my kodak camera disk . When I restarted my computer the information from Kodak came up in about 4 different windows . After closing the windows I tried installing my printer disk and got no response at all. I checked my "hardware" and the DVD rom drive was no longer registering on my computer. I ran a systems check and it said ; 'DVD rom drive has been corrupted' . I tried to get it back on by using the recovery disk but I got no response . I tried down loading the hard drive recovery but nothing happened ...

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I sounds like a registry problem with the drive filters. Thankfully Microsoft has provided a simple solution to this problem that requires you have .Net Framework 2.0(Obtained from Microsoft updates). If you already have that, then simply download the Automated Tool from Microsoft. It should scan and fix any problems you may have with your CD drive. If it still does not work you can fix it manually by going here to see the manual way of fixing it.

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Thank You Joel , I first ran a "Norton scan" to clean out any virus . Then I went to the Microsoft updates you recommended . I downloaded the first thing I seen that said anything related to DVD Drives. I got the DVD icon back on my computer . I put a disk in and 'waa laa' , it played . Once again , Thank You very much for all your help ...


Thats great--now will you mark his answer as accepted to clear the question. Thanks +


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