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The slim edition of the classic Xbox 360 with a 250GB HDD and built-in Wi-Fi. Repair requires intricate prying and special tools.

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Red Dot Of Death And No Signal (Tried multiple fixes)

XBOX 360 S


Powers on to a green light on console and PSU.

After 5-10 seconds console light turns from green to red and does not do the green outer ring lights at all.

PSU light remains green.

No HDMI signal to monitor.

APU fan spins normally.

I have tried:

Cleaning vents (It wasn't really dusty)

Removing HDD

Removing optical drive

reseating APU heatsink and fresh thermal paste.

Please no links to youtube squeekers and RROD/RDOD 100% fix everytime videos.

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Hey, I wanna be a youtube squeeker!


Hi Kyle, thanks for the offer but I've had my fill of squeekers.

I forgot how young the console community is.

One kid was yawning all the way through, said he'd confirmed this fix with Microsoft and took 7 minutes to say turn the power off for a while then turn it back on again! The kid even put his home address in the description for "fan mail". *Crying emote*


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I will post a video how to reflow this. And get some more life out of that 360. But it needs microsoldering, or I guess just soldering as the parts are so large, work. You'll want to find a shop that does that, maybe in your area, or a mail service

Yeah this is. Whatever. This is a short term fix. Not long term. But it will get it back up and running

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I don't particularly want to pay someone to do anything until I've exhausted all avenues.

It's not important that I fix it. I just wanted to have a go at it. I have plenty of experience in PC, mobile phone repairs but I've never really bothered with consoles.

I know it's a cop-out but I cannot read another 30 page forum of the same lame potential fixes that are 137% totally gonna fix the problem but all involve a vacuum cleaner and removing the HDD.



What about the Xbox 360 slim? I just got it for the first time today and the first steps show on this post were the same with me. The actual ring lights seem to be on but I think it’s the red dot that makes it dim because of how bright it is. So what does the dot mean and how much will it cost to fix?


Having the same problem I've checked Microsoft fourams and youtube both have done nothing


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Turn It on and tap the sync button at the same time it should have a code on the Xbox logo on your console like how it shows what controllers are connected 4 is 0 you should get a code and from there you can look up the code to see what is wrong with your Xbox

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Did you manage to fix it? Or at least did you figured out what was the problem? I’m trying to fix a board with the same error without luck so far.

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