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The Dodge Dakota was developed by Chrysler as a mid-sized pickup. To keep investment low, many components were shared with existing Chrysler products and the manufacturing plant was shared with the full-sized Dodge D-Model.

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How do I replace my blower motor on my 1996 dodge dakota

I see answers for 1997 Dodge Dakota but not for the 1996 is that the same type

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Well you didn't say which blower so I'll guess the a/c blower, here how to do it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MopbtcQb...

Now if it's this blower, that a completely different animal and I'm envious:


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first of all the person is asking about a 1996 dodge dakota blower motor. Which anyone in the industry knows refers to heater/ac blower motor. the first video is about changing the blower motor on a 2001 dodge ram pickup, totally different vehicle and procedure. Second video is of a 1970's dodge charger with a roots style blower. that is called a blower, not a blower motor. It is not a motor, it is an accessory to the engine in the car. This guy should'nt be giving advice.


hey vjr66 since you know so much about it, please answer the question


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Were is it located at under hood or dashboards

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David Williams under the passenger side of the dashboard


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