The Acer Iconia Tab A700 is an Android 4.0 tablet with a 1080p display, 5-megapixel camera & HDMI port

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Problems in Google Play

I can not download a lot of apps from Google play to my tablet. It keeps saying app is not compatible with this device.. I've also had one app, that when typed in, doesn't even show up. Is there anything I can do about this? Or is my tablet just out of date and not usable anymore? Thank you in advance.

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I did what you said to do and when I try to check for system updates it tells me there is a network error... and sadly, my android version is only 4.1.1. Does this mean that there is really nothing I can do besides get a newer tablet?


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It is likely that you need to update your OS. Go to settings go to the bottom where it says "about tablet" and click on it. Then click on check for updates. If it doesn't have an update, then Acer likely dropped support for that tablet and now you won't be able to install many apps. While your in those settings, check your version of Android. Most apps only support 4.4 and up.

Hope this helps!

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Having the same problem, every time I go to attempt a system update it says there is a network coverage error and that I need better connection, I walked into the same room as the wifi router and it repeated itself, confused to kingdom come at this point, won’t even let me reinstall autotrader

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