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The second generation Pathfinder was introduced in late 1995 with more rounded styling. It was completely redesigned from the first generation, switching from body on frame construction to unibody construction.

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Where exactly is the ac drain line located?

Im having issues with my ac not draining properly, causing water to fill the passenger floorboard. Ive read that the drain line is more than likely the culprit. Problem is, Im no mechanic so I don't know the exact location of this drain line. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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The drain plug for the evaporator is clogged!

You need to flush out the drain plug. It comes out of the firewall opposite the AC system. It you get under the truck on the passenger side and look up at the firewall you will see a black rubber tube about 6 -8 inches long comeing out of the bottom of the firewall near the passenger side frame.

You need to get compressed air and blow it in this tube to free up the crud that is blocking it. you may have to repeat this process a few times depending on how messed up it is.

If you do not feel comfortable with this take it to your local dealer and have them do a full AC EVAP service, they have special chemicals to really give it a good cleaning.

You should also then clean your AC evaporator trap. remove the glove box and the metal wall behind it, then remove the AC resistor and get a vaccum and suck all the crud out of the evaporator housing.

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There is not one definitive answer to where the location of the drain line on a 2003 maxima is ! I’ve been on every site , YouTube offers and not once did anyone take a photo of the exact location !

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