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No touch after touch IC replacement (LCM_TO_AP_HIFA_BSYNC short)

Hi guys,

recently i repair iPhone 6 plus with not touch, I replace Meson and Cumulus, but touch still does not work. After measure, i found shorted line LCM_TO_AP_HIFA_BSYNC to ground. After remove FL2034 is line still shorted to ground on CPU line. I remove U2403 and Meson but does not help.

Is there any solution how to repair this issue without reball CPU?


Sorry for my bad English.


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The current best practice on repairing Touch Disease on the iPhone 6 Plus is to solidify the M1 pad (which is the LCM_TO_AP_HIFA_BSYNC line). That pad tends to lift, partially or totally when removing Meson. If you didn't jumper it, then it may have moved and is shorting with the adjacent pad which is ground.

Jason from STS did a great video on this earlier this year (with a few follow up videos as well). I encourage you to watch them.

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This line is shorted to ground also when i remove meson. I still think, there is short under CPU. Normal resistance is 500-600 and this board have 0.


Is C2001 under fl2034 ok as well? It is part of that circuit too.

I'd even check r2406 and remove cumulus...they look connected through the U2403 and not sure they would still be once removed.


I removed:





and there is still short.


That sucks...does sound like cpu or sub layer trace.


Is here any solution how to bypass this traces and fix this phone?


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