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The Acer Chromebook R11 CB5-132T-C1LK is a laptop/tablet hybrid released in October 2015.

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Keys on keyboard not working

Some keys not working on keyboard - seem to be in two to three different areas of 4-5 keys per area. Other work fine?

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@todkru connect a USB keyboard and see if it works ok. Most likely it is the keyboard on your computer that requires replacement. Also a different model, this video and these guides should get you there

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USB Keyboard does work... so I'm assuming it won't / wouldn't be worth it to get repaired as we bought it about 2 years ago on a Groupon deal. Its actually an Acer CB3-531-C4A5 15" Chrome Book. Probably got our monies worth @ $119... so we'll just use it as it is now w/ another keyboard. Thanks for the response and your time. Regards,


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If something had poured on your keyboard like water, it certainly won't work. In this case, a USB keyboard is a perfect alternative for you. Or you can replace the keyboard from a computer shop.

However, I see your keyboard is internal. Make sure you replace it from a certified computer shop. If they messed up your computer, you can be able to take it back to them and they can repair your keyboard.

If the keys are stuck, and cannot be pressed, then you should unplug then safely and remove anything that might be under it.

Find me here for faster conversations. https://softsguide.wordpress.com

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