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I like to remouve Joy Launcher

I like to remouve Joy Launcher it is installed on my Alcatel phone

and i can not find it in settings. My phone has become a lot slower and has more advertising.

Please help me. I am am dutch and my English is not so good so please tell me in simple words if you can. Thanks.

Greeting Janny van Duijvenvoorde

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I forget to tell you that I installed an other Protection (Avast) but it is not possible to open it.

Greetings Janny van Duijvenvoorde


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You can't uninstall the Joy Launcher. A launcher is the program that renders the interface of the Android interface. You can only replace it with another one, like the Google Launcher, and then disable the Joy Launcher.

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I disabled it on my phone and have not had any problems yet. It was using the most data, I was having a problem with maleware and eventually just forcestoped the downloads app and I think that solved the problem.

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I also could not find out how to uninstall joy launcher, it is also FULL of garbage advertising, I went to APPs, found 'joy launcher' FORCED it to stop , & CLEARED all data, I have had no problems with anything on my fone. You can also check on JOY LAUNCHERS 'permissions' revoke the apps RIGHTS as to access the internet / updates / gps / your contacts / photos even your calendar because they are all connected & can read all of your other apps. REVOKE everything !. I have, I have had no problems or advertising for over 4monthes Happy Happy Joy Joy


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