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A Panasonic digital camera released in September 2013. The camera features 60x optical zoom and HD video and sound.

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Msg "insert SD card again" or "try another card" msg when inserting m

Msg "insert SD card again" or "try another card" when inserting memory card; for all cards. ???

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Had that too. The SD slot got stretched a little when a card got stuck once and I pulled it out with a screwdriver. Solution was to add a little thickness to the SD card. Otherwise the metal contacts on the card don't touch the inside connectors ;-)

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What do you mean add thickness?


Add some layers of duct tape, for example, on the side w/o contacts.


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If methods of @hellofellow won’t help, go to repair shop ans ask to diagnose SD Card slot, ribbon cable and MoBo. Changing slot might help.

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