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Released in 2007, this version of the A205 series includes an Intel Core 2 Duo T5300, 1GB of RAM, a 160GB hard drive, and a basic DVD burner.

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Laptop will only connect to local internet when not at home

My Toshiba Satellite both will not connect to the internet unless I am at home

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warren fischer this sounds like a setup isseu more than a hardware issue. Let us know how you connect at home and what OS your computer has. You are probably setup for your home network but not for a mobile network. I suggest that you download the owners manual for your computer from here and read through the stuff on here.

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I have suffered this after lending my laptop.

Follow this to see if this helps.1 Start

2 control panel

3 Network and internet

4 Network connections , RIGHT click on internet connection not your home connections the one with the red x in it or the one you are trying to connect to.

5 Double click on internet protocol version 4 (tcp /ip v4)

6 click the radio button (obtain an IP address automatically) and click the radio button for obtain a DNS server number automatically. You can also look at the same place for all your connections, Ethernet or Wi Fi. Should be the same.

Some people like to have a static IP and do this

Good luck


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