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The ZTE Grand X Max is a 6" smartphone by ZTE released in October 2014.

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What is wrong with my ZTE Grand X Max?

I've gotten my phone fixed and it was working perfectly fine until I dropped it. After that my phone wouldn't work then went to go get it fixed again but it still won't turn on. I don't know if it's the charger port or the battery or maybe it's the screen. But either way this phone had a lot of information in it and I need help.

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@beruk you did not tell us what you phone does or does not do. You also need to tell us what was fixed the second time after it fell. It could be a power situation and you want to check your battery, connectors and see if your phone charges. Replace the battery just to be absolutely certain that you have a working one. ZTE does not offer their schematics to service manuals to the public. So you may have to find someone that specialized on ZTE phone board repair if the issue is on the board itself.

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