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Keyboard displays numbers instead of letters

My daughter and I are switching laptops while she is in school. It's old and came with Windows 8 but now has Windows 10. We recently took it to our local Windows store to have her stuff taken off her ASUS so I would start fresh. Now when I try putting in my password, some keys display numbers instead of the letter. The "O" also has the number 6 on it and that 's what shows up. I thought maybe I had the caps on but no. Any ideas?

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You need to turn off Number Lock on the keyboard.

To do this, at the top you will see a key marked "Num LK".

If simply pressing this doesn't turn off the number lock, locate the "FN" key, hold the "FN" key down, then press the "Num LK" key.

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Thanks, you save my day!!


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Hi @bfloabbott, i think you had trigger the num lock on your laptop keyboard, or due to external keyboard num lock.

just turn it off and it should be good to go :)

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