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The first generation Ford Focus.

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2003 Ford Focus no acceleration

My missus's trusty 03 Focus has developed a rather bad problem, she was coming back from the shops this morning and it started to die on her, she managed to get it back home and i took it for a drive, It idles fine and revs in neutral no problem and when initially accelerating off it seems OK but after driving for half a k or so when trying to accelerate it just dies, still idles fine, doesn't cut out at all but just no acceleration, I could sort of idle home but give it any revs it just dies back, not cutting out just very weak acceleration, Also I'm pretty sure i can hear some pinking that was never there before.

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I have the same EXACT problem......did you solve it? Fuel pump?


Please come back and tell us how you solved it!?


Same problem with my 02 ford focus 100k mils and I took it to be read with the OBDll no codes.


Blocked Catalytic convertor.


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@edwarrd This is a case of fuel starvation . There are many possible reasons for the fuel starvation . The best thing to do is check for engine codes ,OBDII codes . The most probable issue would be fuel lines leaking of a plugged fuel filter. If this brings no joy then move on the sensors . Clean the Map sensor and clean the throttle body . Check your o2 sensors. You can also check for back pressure on the fuel tank . test this buy running the car without the fuel cap . there could also be a plugged Catalytic convertor. Is the car overheating when this is happening ? If so it could be a timing issue . it could be a bad timing belt or chain and the pinging your hearing is bad timing. The best thing to do is get the codes read . When you do let us know your codes and we can help further. Hope this helps

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