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The Samsung NX30 is a mirror-less camera with an interchangeable lens. It has HD video and it was released on February 18, 2014.

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Camera will not power on

My Samsung NX 30 will not power on. I have tried leaving the battery out over night, the battery is fully charges and working fine in another camera. Is there a hard factory reset?

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a small idea:

yesterday, the technician said to me the mainboard was broken, and give back to me the camera.

yesterday evening, I've read a message to guide to resole that problem and It was successfull.

- remove battery => turn on the power button 10s => turn off the power button => input battery with a cap on external power (I use phone power) => turn on power button, That all, every thing will be OK.

thank you very much!


Thank you Do Tran, this solved my problem

My battery was fully charged, removed the USB power cord

1) Remove battery

2) Turn on the power

3) wait 10 seconds

4) Turn of the power

5) Insert the battery

6) Turn on the power

That fixed it !!!!

It has happened several times after a longer period of no use.


Thank you for the tip, my camera works again.

I had left the camera in on position for 2 day's, after that it dit not work anymore.

I had to put the external power cable into the camera by step 5


Thank you, I also had to put the usb cable in with the battery inside to get it working again, mine just had not been used for a couple of months for it to fail to turn on until I went through these steps.


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I did find a solution, I'm living in Ireland and a company called iElectron in Cork repaired it. It took two weeks and €199.00. I am not very happy with Samsung. They don't have an affiliated workshop in Ireland that repairs Cameras and the workshop for the United Kingdom will not deal outside the United Kingdom.

It's the last time I will ever buy anything Samsung

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I have same problem, and they said that the mainboard was broken, but no any where supply it, it mean that no more use this camera, although I have some other lens for example tele lens.

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Anyone want to sell me their broken mainboard camera?

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You wanna buy?


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