6.1 megapixels, ISO 200-1600, DX format, 1.5x field of view crop

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Photos not saved to memory card

When I take a photo, all appears normal, however, the photo is not put on the SD memory card. I have swapped out to numerous cards of various sizes (i.e. 4GB, 16GB, etc) and still no success.

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Did anyone get the answer to this? My photos aren’t saving to the sad card


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Caren Joyner check tyhrough the owners manual to ensure that your camera reads the card and that your card is formatted. If everything is appropriately set up, then you may have an issue with the card reader. If your camera is set up to only save NEF (Nikon Electronic Image Format)then the images can only be viewed using the software provided with the camera or Nikon Capture 4 version 4.1 or later. so check on that as well. Get the manual from hereand check page 20

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