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No sound no picture

I pushed a few wrong button son my remote. Then i tried fixing it by pushing. the buttons on the side of my tv and now have no picture. Or sound. I have a universal but dont know how to use it can someone please help i would be so greatful thank you..

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@maggiemay what exact model is your TV?


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If your Tv is turning on with a green light and does not go to a blinking read light then the power board should be a assumed to be working. I would not worry about the empty connectors as the power boards are universal for a bunch of different models that would require different cables to be there.

The model you have has Samsung panel and boards other than the power and video board. Since you are getting no picture I would bet you need a new Y-Main board. Listen carefully from behind the set when its on, listen for a light repetative clicking noise.. thats a symptum of a bad board. If you were getting a light fuzzy speckle on the screen or some picture that may show up after 5-10 mins of staying on. then you would need the X-main board.. the X-main and y-main are the boards on the left and right of the panel with the big heat sinks on em..

You wont know if the buffers are bad until the Y board is replaced to at least produce a picture. Ive repaired 5 Phillips with the same issue. 2 of them wound up having bad buffers after bringing the picture back by replacing the y board.

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