Battery won't hold charge - replaced logic board & battery. Help!

60GB 5th gen iPod. Condition is very similar to this.

Battery won't charge up - only works when plugged in.

The history so far with my iPod:

1) no audio from left headphone.

2) replaced phone jack from ifixit... then power wouldn't be back on, unless plugged.

2) opened the case, and while removing battery, brown connector became super-loose from the board. Searched here and decided to replace the logic board.

3) bought another logic board from eBay (ifixit didn't have it in stock that time), replaced. power seems to be back without plugging in. Good! i thought.

4) next day - all the power charged (full) was gone after one night. Ok the case of an old battery, sure thing, i thought.

5) went and bought a new battery. Replaced. Charged full.

6) Next morning - same thing.

So I don't know what to do now. Logic board replaced, connector not loose anymore, battery new. Other than any of these new parts in defect, i don't see anything is wrong. What's the next step, anyone? I love my iPod, don't wanna put the nail in the coffin yet.

Thanks in advance!


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