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The HTC Desire 816 features a 5.5-inch display with a 1280x720 resolution, 13 mp rear facing camera and HTC BoomSound.

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Why is my keyboard not appearing in android


anyone has a solution for the keyboard not working problem?

and the back key too.

my keyboard does not appear on the screen

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Ever solve it?


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Probably the keyboard app got corrupted. Try clearing application data + force stop for keyboard applications like HTC Keyboard, Google Keyboard, GBoard. That's how I got it working again for an HTC phone.

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Instructions please. That doesn't tell me anything.


Happening to me now. Constantly says restarting under apps running. No option to clear a cache or force a stop. On/OFF fadded out in an on position. Report button faded out. No keyboard loads after multiple restarts. Can't type in ANYTHING requiring a keyboard. Using my backup tablet to try to find the solution.


Worked to perfection. However, the name of the Keyboard App varies from phone to phone. Mine was named GoogleKeyboard. But the instructions was spot on. THANK YOU! You saved my bacon!


thank you, this trick worked on MI phone too


Wow thankyou! I “forced stop” gboard application then I installed updated “gboard” keyboard at Google play…. WorksWorks now! Old ZTE phone here


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